Pierce County Private Lawyer Referral Services

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Within Pierce County, there are several private organizations that provide referrals for lawyers. However, all of these organizations only offer referrals to locals that meet certain criteria. For example, some private organizations may only offer referrals for immigrants or low income residents. Additionally, a number of private organizations in the county offer lawyer referrals only for select types of legal matters.

Rebuilding Hope, the Sexual Assault Center for Pierce County provides referrals for lawyers to sexual assault victims living in Pierce County. Victims can receive an attorney referral for any civil charges they may want to bring against their attacker. Rebuilding Hope, the Sexual Assault Center for Pierce County gives these referrals to victims for free.

Team Child offers attorney referrals to minors residing in Pierce County. Attorney referrals are only made for certain kinds of legal matters related to the improvement of the lives of children, such as education and juvenile court involvement. Team Child only refers lawyers willing to provide pro bono legal services.

Seattle�s Union Gospel Mission is a nonprofit organization that offers lawyer referrals to homeless people in Pierce County. Since Seattle�s Union Gospel Mission is dedicated to helping people overcome homelessness, it only provides attorney referrals for legal issues that hinder people from acquiring a permanent residence, such as debts and criminal warrants. All of the referrals that Seattle�s Union Gospel Mission provides are for pro bono legal services.

The Northwest Immigrant Rights Project offers referrals for attorneys available to immigrants currently residing in Pierce County. These referrals for legal representation provided by the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project are given to immigrants on a pro bono basis. However, only immigrants that can be classified as low-income qualify for an attorney referral.

The Unemployment Law Project is a private nonprofit that provides referrals for legal representation to unemployed residents of Pierce County. Referrals are only made available to those local residents that have legal matters related to the distribution of their unemployment benefits. All of the referrals that the Unemployment Law Project provides are for pro bono legal assistance.

The Multicultural Self-Sufficiency Movement is a private organization that assists Pierce County residents in procuring legal representation. Those seeking a referral from the Multicultural Self-Sufficiency Movement must attend one of its free legal clinics in order to receive a referral. The lawyers that are referred by the Multicultural Self-Sufficiency Movement provide a free 30-minute consultation.

The YWCA Pierce County operates a lawyer referral program for people residing in Pierce County. Local residents can obtain a referral for a local attorney for free by calling a hotline. However, the YWCA Pierce County typically grants lawyer referrals for civil matters that affect the home life, such as domestic abuse.

The Pierce County AIDS Foundation offers referrals for legal assistance to county residents. In order to obtain a referral for legal services, Pierce County residents looking for a referral must be HIV positive. Also, the Pierce County AIDS Foundation only gives lawyer referrals for the legal area of estate planning.

Legal Voice is a nonprofit organization that makes referrals for legal services available to people living in Pierce County. Although Legal Voice is primarily concerned with assisting women, it offers lawyer referrals to men as well as to women. Since Legal Voice only has limited resources, the organization only provides referrals for legal matters that it believes will be beneficial to women throughout Washington.

Columbia Legal Services is a private nonprofit that grants referrals for legal assistance to residents of Pierce County. Only low-income residents can obtain a referral from Columbia Legal Services. There are only certain civil legal topics for which Columbia Legal Services provide referrals for, including housing, employment, civil rights, and senior law.

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