Public Lawyer Referral Services in Salt Lake County

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The 2 public agencies that serve Salt Lake County are the Utah State Bar Association and the Salt Lake County Bar Association. The Utah State Bar offers a free lawyer referral service and provides you with the contact information of 1 attorney at a time. When you call the referral service you are asked to pay a fee of $30 which will go towards a 30 minute consultation with the attorney you are referred to. The Utah State Bar does not provide you with any background information on any of their Salt Lake County lawyers, and does not guarantee customer satisfaction. Furthermore, you are not given any estimation of what it may cost to work with the attorney you are referred to.

The Utah State Bar Association seems to be the only public agency with a lawyer referral service in Salt Lake County, because the Salt Lake County Bar Association refers you to the Utah State Bar to receive your lawyer referrals.

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