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LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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San Diego County has an overabundance of online lawyer referral services. These referral services differ between each other significantly and it is important to find the service that will suit you best. Residents of San Diego County area have their pick between LegalMatch, San Diego Attorney Search,, FindLaw, AttorneyLink, California Legal Help, LegalZoom and

San Diego Attorney Search is a database website that focuses solely in San Diego. After loading this site, a potential client can click on a side-bar tab which will return a list of websites for attorney directories, attorney ratings and a limited number of legal fields one can use to narrow down their search. "Reference" must be used loosely when applied to San Diego Attorney Search because the site does not refer a client to an attorney; in fact, it does little more than offer a mildly more focused search engine. is quite similar to San Diego's public bar referral services. The website claims that it can offer an attorney is almost every field for free and instantaneously. If the network can't match you, an alternative lawyer referral service phone number is given. Unlike a local bar association referral service, gives over information regarding complaints and investigations pending for the attorney referred to you. There are no obligations but there are also no guarantees. The organization checks all the attorneys registered with their service for bar certification and other background information but room is left for error and does not offer a satisfaction guarantee.

FindLaw allows a client to search through a narrowed legal field and track the information about the attorneys. The sites do not refer a client to an attorney but they do offer the client a means to obtain information about select attorneys in the San Diego County area. FindLaw is less of a lawyer referral service, and instead more of a self help means for locating an attorney.

AttorneyLink and California Legal Help prompt their users to fill out a non-detailed questionnaire which collects your case information and sends it out to their headquarters. The information is later processed and the client is called back with the contact information for an attorney. There is no assurance that this attorney is interested or capable of taking the case when they receive this information though.

LegalZoom is a free online service which gives a free 30 minute consultation to San Diego clients for using their service. After calling LegalZoom, a client should expect to wait up to 24 hours for the information to be processed. The service will give contact information for the attorney but discourages telephone conferences so the actual meeting with the attorney is done later. LegalZoom gives some additional information about the attorney such as where the attorney went to school and how long they've been practicing. The service doesn't work with a large range of attorneys, however, so their ability to produce an attorney is somehow handicapped. LegalZoom will refer a client to another referral service is they are incapable of matching a client to an attorney themselves. is also a free referral service but is more limited then some other online referral services. does not offer free consultations and it does not give much information about their member attorneys. Once a client has inputted their general case information and geographic area, will produce a list of available attorneys. This service is troubling because it is difficult to determine what legal field you require without speaking to the attorney and, without a free consultation, this might mean that you spend money determining which legal field you require.

LegalMatch is unique in that it does more than refer attorneys to clients; it matches the client and attorney. LegalMatch will find an attorney that is not only qualified but is willing to take the client's presented case. After the client presents the case though a series of online intake questions, LegalMatch will post the cases for San Diego County attorneys to see. The intake questions function as an initial interview and allow the attorney to determine whether he or she is interested in the case, without requiring the client to meet with the attorney for 30 minutes first (as is common amongst most referral services). LegalMatch provides qualified and interested attorneys free of charge. Additionally, the attorneys registered in the LegalMatch system have all undergone a background check to qualify for the system. LegalMatch is also the only lawyer referral service available in the San Diego County area that offers a satisfaction guarantee.

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