Shelby County Online Referral

Residents of Shelby County can obtain a referral for an attorney from a number of different online sources.

The American Justice Network provides free referrals to residents of Shelby County for attorneys located in Tennessee. The majority of cases for which the American Justice Network provides referrals are related to personal injury law. Before this organization will provide a referral, its employees will review a potential case and determine whether a referral is appropriate.

FindLaw does not directly refer lawyers to potential clients, but rather it provides an online directory listing several attorneys in the major cities of Shelby County, including Memphis, Brunswick, Eads, Arlington, Germantown, Ellendale, Millington, Cordova, and Collierville. In order to find a lawyer that matches one’s needs, a prospective client can either brows through legal areas or by location of attorneys’ offices. Once a potential client finds a lawyer, they are able to read whatever information the lawyer chooses to provide on the website before deciding to get in touch with the lawyer directly.

Lawyer Legion serves as an online directory for all attorneys located in Shelby County. It does not directly refer lawyers to potential clients, but rather leaves all of the hassle of contacting a lawyer to the person looking for an attorney. Lawyer Legion does allow for prospective clients to locate attorneys by city and by listed practice areas. Additionally, Lawyer Legion permits attorneys to list any certifications that they may have and areas of law that they may practice.

OnlineTNJustice is an online referral service provided by the Tennessee Bar Association and the Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services. This service initially only refers specific questions to attorneys. Before residents of Shelby County may ask a question of a lawyer, they must fit within certain criteria. For example, they must not be involved in a criminal proceeding, they must have savings totaling less than $5000, and they must come from a low-income family. After the potential client’s question is answered, it is within the attorney’s discretion whether or not to engage in representing the person in the related matter.

LawServer contains a searchable directory of local attorneys in the Shelby County area. However, the searchable aspect of this particular online directory is only directed at people dealing with legal problems involving small businesses. Local residents are unable to look at the online directory on LawServer unless they have selected a specific legal area that is related to law topics governing small businesses.

LegalMatch offers a comprehensive online service for individuals seeking legal representation in Shelby County. A unique online service provider, LegalMatch enables clients to receive detailed information on a list of qualified attorneys who may be able to help. The attorney-selection process designed by LegalMatch is user-friendly and entirely free. LegalMatch does not contain restrictions regarding areas of law. Also, all potential clients are welcome to use the service—there are no restrictions regarding income. Therefore, anyone in Shelby County can obtain a referral from LegalMatch for any type of legal problem.

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