Shelby County Private Referral

There are a number of private organizations with referral programs from which residents of Shelby County can obtain a referral to a local attorney. Programs designed to benefit low-income residents are listed on the Tennessee Alliance Legal Services website.

The Community Legal Center, located in Memphis, provides lawyer referrals for low income residents of Shelby County. This organization only refers cases for select legal areas. For example, the Community Legal Center will not offer referrals for cases involving employment, personal injury, bankruptcy, or civil rights. Residents wishing to use the Community Legal Center to obtain a referral for a lawyer must pay at least $5 to $15 for it, and they must have an income that falls between a living wage and 125%. In addition to providing referrals to residents of Shelby County, the Community Legal Center does make attorney referrals available for a wide range of immigration legal issues to immigrants with cases in Memphis’ immigration court.

The Volunteer Lawyers & Professionals for the Arts also provides pro bono lawyer referrals to low-income residents of Shelby County. However, this organization restricts referrals to only art organizations and artists that have legal issues related to their roles within artistic endeavors. In order to receive a referral for a pro bono lawyer from the Volunteer Lawyers & Professionals for the Arts, an individual must meet with stringent income requirements and must be located within Tennessee. Those seeking referrals for immigration cases must be willing to pay at least $20.

The Tennessee Justice Center is an organization that provides free referrals to local residents for lawyers willing to handle cases in the area of health care law. All of the attorneys referred through the Tennessee Justice Center perform the related legal work on a pro bono basis. Only those with legal problems related to TennCare are eligible to obtain a lawyer referral.

The Disability Law & Advocacy Center of Tennessee is a nonprofit that provides referrals to individuals and groups that are in need of legal assistance with regard to disabilities. While the referral itself is free, there is no guarantee that the lawyer being referred will be willing to work for free. In order to qualify for a free referral from the Disability Law & Advocacy Center of Tennessee, the groups or individuals must be effected by disabilities somehow, whether actually living with a disability or supporting people that do suffer from a disability.

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