Online Lawyer Referral Services in St. Louis County

LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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Clients seeking a lawyer referral service in the St. Louis County area have several web based sites to choose from. Companies such as Attorney Pages, American Lawyer Referral,, Nationwide Legal help and LegalMatch provide attorney referrals throughout Saint Louis County. These web based lawyer referral services differ in regards to cost, turn around time, attorney information given, satisfaction guarantees, background checks, benefits offered, and other comparative points.

Attorney Pages and American Lawyer Referral are the most basic of the lawyer referral service options. The sites operate as a database search site with two input points: location and legal area. The websites will provide you a list of attorneys and contact information and leaves the rest of the search to the client. The web site does not specify any requirements for the attorney to join the service and there are no apparent satisfaction guarantees. is a lot like Attorney Pages and American Lawyer Referral except with the inclusion of some information about the attorneys. After inputting your required location and legal area, will give you a list of attorneys available in their system that can serve you. Most of these attorneys or firms will have a brief statement describing them and giving some limited information. The information is helpful but incomplete; more research must be done by the client in order to get a sufficient understanding of the company.

LegalMatch uses an entirely different system from the "next-on-list" and directory lawyer referral services. LegalMatch's presents intake questions to clients that were designed by attorneys. The information is then confidentially passed to attorneys, who respond individually with a price quote and description of their services. LegalMatch supplements the attorney's responses with client reviews and expanded data for the client to make an informed decision about which attorney to select. In most case, the client will receive several responses and can select the attorney that they prefer. The process is fast, free and without any obligation. Additionally, LegalMatch backs its service with a satisfaction guarantee.

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