Online Lawyer Referral Services in Tarrant County

LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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Many of the more versatile and expansive attorney referral services available to Tarrant County residents are online. Lawyer referral services such as iLawyer,, AmericanLawyerReferral, Findlaw, LegalZoom, and LegalMatch are all available though the internet. Each service is different from the next and they vary in cost, speed, effectiveness and satisfaction guarantees.

iLawyer claims to be an online service but their webpage is difficult to navigate. A Tarrant County client that does effectively navigate though the webpage will be prompted to give some basic information and pay a fee for the referral. iLawyer requires that the attorney waive the fee for the first 30 minute consultation. In this time, a client can determine if the attorney is suitable for the case and the attorney can gauge their personal interest in taking the case. If either the attorney or the client is dissatisfied the client will have to request another referral and speak to another attorney for an initial consultation., AmericanLawyerReferral and FindLaw refer clients to a whole series of attorneys at once. These referral services ask the client to narrow down their search on the basis of geographic location and a client-determined legal field. These services are both fast and free but they fall short of what many people desire out of their referral service. These services do not offer much guidance and should be thought of more as limited attorney directories than as lawyer referral services.

LegalZoom offers some more advantages than the other attorney referral services. LegalZoom is entirely free for people living in Forth Worth and Tarrant County and, like iLawyers, offers a free 30 minute consultation with the attorney. Some clients find initial consultations to be preferable to alternative means of gauging attorneys but others have considered it to be an obsolete system since it is so time consuming. One must consider the possibility that they would have to go through many initial consultations before they find an attorney that they like and who is interested in taking the case.

Additionally, LegalZoom does not cover every areas of law. LegalZoom's coverage area is limited because they work with a small number of attorneys. LegalZoom is able to check the profiles of their attorneys more closely but it is likely that the referral will come from another service since LegalZoom will not always have an attorney in their system for you.

LegalMatch is a different type of attorney referral service. LegalMatch utilizes a series of questions designed by attorneys to collect necessary information about the client's case. The information is then reviewed by attorneys, several of which will reply to the client with interest. The client is given background information about the interested attorneys (such as price, education, and client reviews) to help them select the attorney who he or she finds best tailored to his or her needs. Many clients find this system preferable over the traditional initial consultation method provided by services such as iLawyers, LegalZoom and the Bar. Also, unlike many of these organizations, LegalMatch is free to the client. Additionally, LegalMatch appears to be the only service that offers a satisfaction guarantee.

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