Public Lawyer Referral Services in Travis County

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There is only one public lawyer referral service that is available to residents of Travis County. The Austin Lawyer Referral Service of Central Texas is a non-profit public service that is designed to help those who are able to pay for legal services, but are inexperienced with the legal system. This service was established over forty years ago and regularly refers about 12,000 callers to attorneys in Travis County each year. This service helps clients determine if their problem truly has a legal remedy by screening calls and referring clients to other agencies or professionals when needed.

After screening your call, the Austin Lawyer Referral Service of Central Texas refers clients to attorneys that practice in the area of law that your case deals with. There is a $20 fee that comes with the initial 30 minute consultation that you have with the attorney you are referred to. After this consultation, the fee arrangements are made between the client and the referred attorney. The Austin Lawyer Referral Service offers no satisfaction guarantee and runs into the problem that a client cannot compare multiple attorneys before selecting the one that best suits their needs. As well, if you and the attorney you are referred to do not work well together, you must repeat the entire process over again to be referred to another attorney.

The State Bar of Texas Lawyer Referral Information Service helps many clients find attorneys. However, this service is only provided to residents of counties that do not already have attorney referral services in place to serve their residents. Because Travis County already has such a referral service, the State Bar of Texas does not provide any lawyer referrals in the county. However, if your legal issues will take you outside of Travis County, you may want to call this service.

Even though the Austin Lawyer Referral Service of Central Texas is a well-used system, this does not mean that it is effective. This lawyer referral service does not provide Travis County clients with any sort of satisfaction guarantee, and also gives no advice about how to deal with an attorney once you are referred. As well, the service does not provide any information about the attorney you are referred to, except that they are in good standing with the state bar. Apart from this, if clients wish to know more about an attorney before meeting with him or her, they must conduct their own research to find out more.

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