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Like many other services that were once primarily phone or in-person based, lawyer referral websites have sprung up on the internet in a surprising amount. However, with all of the different websites that say that they have the best service around, it is important to dig into the facts and see which one really is best for you.

American Lawyer Referral keeps a database of attorneys and law firms, listed by practice area, in Travis County. Austin area users are required to select their geographic location, and the area of law their case deals with. This brings up a phone-book like listing of law firms and lawyers that meet those criteria. The top of the list is populated by attorneys who have paid extra for advertising space through American Lawyer Referral. This causes a problem with the website because the service does nothing to screen the attorneys that it lists, so it could well be that the attorney at the top of the list is not in good standing with the state bar association, or has some ethics violation standing against him. Also, American Lawyer Referral does not give users any kind of information about the listed attorneys except their contact information, and does not give any kind of guarantee to the users of the website.

Attorney Pages works much like the above mentioned American Lawyer Referral in that it is much like a phonebook. However, Attorney Pages offers Travis County users a bit more information about some of the attorneys listed on the website, sometimes offering short profiles and multiple contact options. Users of the website must select their geographic location as well as their area of law before getting to see a listing of attorneys. This presents a problem because it is often the case that users who are looking for attorneys do not know which area of law their case actually fits into. This could lead to delays in finding the right attorney. Also, Attorney Pages, like American Lawyer Referral, also sells advertising space where attorneys can get their listings displayed in better locations. Attorney Pages does not offer any kind of satisfaction guarantee to the users of the website, nor does the website make any claims about the attorneys that are listed. is much like Attorney Pages and also displays some information provided by LexisNexis. However, even with this added information, Austin or Travis County users still must dig into the research themselves to find information further beyond basic billing structures. This lacking information could include client reviews and attorney history.

LegalMatch employs a different and unique system that can quickly and easily pair you to an attorney in Travis County who has experience in cases like yours. Instead of functioning like a phone book, LegalMatch instead takes the information you submit about your case and sends e-mails to all attorneys in the area. In most cases, users will receive responses from multiple pre-screened attorneys. At that point, the user is able to read each attorney's profile as well as past client reviews and make an informed decision about which attorney to hire. There is never any pressure from LegalMatch to retain any of the lawyers that respond to your case, nor is there any pressure to even talk to any of them. As always, when you use LegalMatch, all of your personal information is kept strictly confidential. LegalMatch is a free service for all users and provides a satisfaction guarantee to those looking for legal representation.

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