Private Lawyer Referral Services in Ventura County

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There are three different private lawyer referral services located within Ventura County. These include the Disability Rights Legal Center, California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform Lawyer Referral Service, and California Lawyers for the Arts.

The Disability Rights Legal Center provides legal referrals only to individuals who are disabled and are experiencing a legal issue regarding disability discrimination, HIV/AIDS, and other disability rights issues. You must first fill out an intake form which will then be reviewed by an attorney at their Legal Center. This review process can take anywhere from two to three weeks. Next, either the attorney will accept your case or you will be referred to another attorney. Although there is no administrative referral fee, the Disability Rights Legal Center makes no guarantees as to the standing of the attorneys or the experience level of the attorneys you are referred to.

The California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform Lawyer Referral Service provides legal referrals only in the limited areas of elder abuse, elder financial abuse, medi-cal, estate planning, conservatorship, resident�s rights violations in care homes, and special needs trusts. The lawyer referral service does not require a fee but will only give you the contact information of only one attorney at a time. The lawyer referral service does require a certain amount of experience from each attorney. The attorney�s experience level varies depending upon the area of law.

For example, an attorney focusing on elder abuse is required to have tried or settled only three prior elder abuse cases. In contrast, an attorney focusing on conservatorship will be required to have at least two years of experience. Therefore, you will have to inquire about an attorney�s experience level on a case by case basis. To gain further information about the attorney�s background, you will have to conduct your own research.

The California Lawyers for the Arts only provides lawyer referrals if you are an artist, art organization, or if you have an issue that is related to the creative arts. The Lawyer Referral service focuses on arts related matters such as contract drafting and copyright infringement. In order to receive a referral you must pay an administrative fee of $35 for non-members and $20 for members of the California Lawyers of the Arts. The initial step in receiving a referral is to fill out an online form detailing your legal concerns and then waiting for a phone call from the lawyer referral service. After you have spoken to the staff they will typically provide you a referral within 3 to 5 business days. They do not provide further background information regarding the attorney you are referred to.

All three of the private lawyer referral services in Ventura County are narrowly focused in specific fields of law. This limited scope drastically restricts the number residents that can receive lawyer referrals. Furthermore, not a single private lawyer referral service provides detailed background information on any attorney. Some even expect a fee in return for providing the service.

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