Wake County Public Referrals

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A total of three public lawyer referral programs operate in Wake County. Two of these programs are maintained by the North Carolina Bar Association and the third is run by the Legal Aid of North Carolina.

The North Carolina Bar Association has a general lawyer referral program known as the North Carolina Lawyer Referral Service for people living in Wake County. Resident of Wake County can use this service to obtain an attorney referral for any matter. People that use the North Carolina Referral Service are not required to pay more than $50 for an initial 30-minute consultation. However, if the services or even the initial consultation extends beyond the first 30 minutes, then the North Carolina Bar Association does not guarantee that the fee charged by the recommended lawyer will be limited to $50.

In addition to operating the North Carolina Lawyer Referral Service, the North Carolina Bar Association also runs the NC LEAP attorney referral program. Wake County residents that need legal assistance for their small businesses or nonprofit organizations can ask NC LEAP for a referral for a lawyer. However, NC Leap will only give a referral for an attorney to Wake County small business owners or nonprofit organizations that have personal savings totaling less than $8,000.

Legal Aid of North Carolina maintains an office in Wake County through which local residents can obtain a referral from the Private Attorney Involvement Program. Attorneys in who accept referrals through Legal Aid of North Carolina do not charge fees for the services offered as a result of these referrals. In order to receive a referral through the Private Attorney Involvement Program, a resident of Wake County must be able to demonstrate that he is a part of a low-income family.

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