Online Lawyer Referral Services in Washington D.C.

LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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If you are considering using an internet based lawyer referral service to find a Washington D.C. attorney, there are four websites available to you.

Attorney Pages functions like an online phone book with attorneys as the only listing. After selecting Washington D.C. as the desired geographic location, the client then needs to choose which area of law his or her case deals with. This requires that the client have some knowledge of the law and what areas his or her case will touch on. Attorney Pages then displays a listing of all of the attorneys in its database that meet the inputted criteria. These listings provide basic contact information for the attorneys, most often not more than a phone number and an address. It is up to the client to research and call the attorneys to set up meetings and Attorney Pages does not provide additional assistance. There are no guarantees given to clients who use Attorney Pages, and the website does not screen the attorneys it lists, meaning there may be some that are not in good standing.

American Lawyer Referral is a database site that has attorneys in Washington D.C. categorized by practice area. When clients visit the site, they choose which area of law their case deals with from a pre-populated list. At the top of this list are attorneys who have paid for advertising space on the website. This causes a problem because the lawyers who pay for these listings may not be as qualified as the attorneys who do not. American Lawyer Referral does not screen the lawyers it lists, nor does the service provide any guarantees that the attorneys it refers are in good standing. operates much like Attorney Pages and American Lawyer Referral, but provides additional information about the Washington D.C. attorneys it lists through LexisNexis. Even with this additional information, clients are still without things like attorney profiles and past client reviews. Clients must still conduct a lot of research on their own time.

There is only one attorney referral website serving Washington D.C. that provides users with cost information and past client reviews, and that is LegalMatch. In addition, clients who use LegalMatch to find an attorney normally get responses from multiple attorneys, meaning they can pick and choose the one that best fits their needs. LegalMatch also pre-screens every attorney it works with to make sure that any response you receive will come from a lawyer who is in good standing and not facing any discipline. LegalMatch really seems to care about its clients because not only does the website offer this unique matching service, it also maintains a LegalCenter where there are countless legal articles and helpful hints. Lastly, LegalMatch is unique in offering a satisfaction guarantee.

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