Online Lawyer Referral Services in Wayne County MI

LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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Online organizations are available to assist Wayne County clients in finding an attorney. Some online lawyer referral services are LawInfo, AttorneyPages, FindLaw, LegalEase, LegalZoom and LegalMatch. These online lawyer referral services differ greatly in regards to cost, information given, legal areas covered, satisfaction guarantees, background checks and more.

Websites such as LawInfo, AttorneyPages and FindLaw are considered more of the bare bones version of a referral site. Each of these sites will provide an attorney's name and contact information but the criteria used are limited. A Wayne County client will search for attorneys based on location and practice area. This type of search may also be performed using the Yellow Pages; the difference appears to be the presentation and layout. These websites may help someone search for an attorney, but they do not get the client far along their way.

LegalEase is a less organized and focused website than some but it is more complete than the above online organizations. Much like many other "referral" sites, LegalEase provides a list of names narrowed down under the sole criteria of legal category and geographic area. LegalEase also allows a Detroit area client to post questions on the site. If necessary, attorneys will be contacted for your case but, before the attorney looks at the case, they will set a price quote based on the case's scope and location.

LegalZoom is the most like a private or local bar lawyer referral service. LegalZoom selects a client from their database which will suit your case's requirements. The process may take up to 24 hours and when it is complete, a client is left with an attorney's name and number. LegalZoom provides a free 30 minute initial consultation that the client will utilize to gauge the qualifications of the attorney. LegalZoom will not provide any information to the client outside of information that is easily discovered online. Additionally, the service has a somewhat limited database so it possible that your desired legal field is not represented within their service.

LegalMatch offers a more complete attorney referral service than the above options. LegalMatch allows a Wayne County client to post a description of the case which will be shown to suitable attorneys. The attorneys review the case, and if interested, will reply to the client. The client will likely receive several responses and can make their selection with the assistance of additional information such as prior client reviews and a detailed description of the attorney's education and prior cases. Additionally, LegalMatch is free to clients. LegalMatch is also unique in that they offer a satisfaction guarantee. Overall, their system is widely different from, and preferable to, the other lawyer referral services found in Wayne County.

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